Vest-along with us!

Are you inVESTed in being cute and having a warm core? Because our friend Emme is a vest aficionado, and we are here to be inspired by and learn from them!

Any pattern and any yarn goes, but we are promoting Lucky Tweed by Kelbourne Woolens for this make-along, and we encourage you to use it. It's soft and squishy and rustic and gorgeous and we cannot wait to be all snuggled up in our hand-made vests this winter!

Join us at our January 23rd Crafternoon into Weavening (open crafting/shopping time) from 4-8, where Emme will help you choose the perfect yarn/pattern combo! We have new colorways of Lucky Tweed heading to the shop, and will have them by mid-month. 

And if you're interested in learning more about fitting and sweater construction in general, Emme's teaching an awesome class on 2/3! Check it out here, and make sure you don't dawdle signing up; we feel like this one's going to be very popular!

Cast-on day will be at our 2/10 Palentine's Day event, and we are so stoked to be able to cast on our vests surrounded by friends!

Some vest ideas that Emme shared (all are inclusively sized, and all are available both off and on Ravelry. We've linked to the off-Ravelry places to purchase them). Note that you can use any vest/yarn combo you want, but bonus points for using Lucky Tweed:

Take Your Time Slipover by Caidree

Low-Key by Elizabeth Smith

Brookdale Vest by Elizabeth Smith

Ghost in the Orchard by Thea Colman

Renewal Granny Square Vest by Make and Do Crew

Meadowfull Vest by Eline Alcocer


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