Vest-along: let's swatch, friends! (guest post from Emme)

Emme Von is our fearless leader for this Winter's Vest-a-palooza! She shared her thoughts on swatching (not necessarily advice we'd advocate following, because although swatches lie, they are also very important). These are her words, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Knitted Wit's Craft Emporium...

Time for some real swatch talk y'all: I rarely knit a swatch. I find that +/- a few stitches doesn't make any difference in my overall fit/styling of a garment- I'm a rogue, an agent of chaos; what can I say?

But here's when I do swatch: When I'm knitting with a new yarn, the stitch pattern looks hard, or I'm trying to lead by example.
The pattern I've chosen for the Vest-along is the Livre vest by Caidree and IT HAS POCKETS! A pocket is a great use of swatch and checks off a piece of project!
I can't wait to use Lucky Tweed and this particularly tweedy Moss colorway really makes this yarn irresistible and extra cozy in this icy snow.
What pattern have you chosen to play along with us? 
a swatch, ball, and skein of yarn in a flat lay

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