Things you can (probably) still make in the next 2 weeks for holiday gifting....

This is a not-exhaustive list of crafts you still (probably) have time to make (or at least start) if your holiday of choice is between solstice and the end of the year:

  1. Socks or Mitts from Ewe Tubes. 
    Snag a tube from our Ewe Tubes selection and all you need to do is knit the heels, toes, and cuffs, and you've got a lovely present all done! (Don't forget that you do have to make the second, which doubles your time ;))
  2. Tote Bag in Canvas.
    The free Our Favorite Tote pattern from Ruby Star Society is too fun for words, and it sews up in not time. Snag some of our canvas and you've got yourself a special gift for a special someone...
  3. Ornaments from Dropcloth.
    We've got some super cute Dropcloth Samplers ornament samplers, and you can surely finish at least one by the big day!
  4. Crocheted hat.
    This is a super-cute one that uses one skein of our Worsted
  5. Pillowcases! 
    These have quickly become Shannon's fave thing to make (and gift)! Choose fabric that reflects your loved one's interests, spend a bit of time cutting, a bit of time pinning, a bit of time sewing, and whammo! You've got a sweet hug of a gift!
  6. Kitchen Towels! 
    Snag a yard of our toweling, finish the edges, and you've got an amazing present!

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