Temperature Projects are amazing!

One of our favorite things to do here at the Knitted Wit Studio is to put together rainbows. For our now-yearly Temperature Projects, we try to make one bright and one more subdued rainbow, and this year, we are proud to share Treat Yourself and Cozy Cabin! 

We are offering these in a few different ways!

1. You can order a complete Temperature Project Starter Kit, which includes:

  • seventeen 20-gram Gems Fingering mini skeins in either our Treat Yourself or Cozy Cabin palettes; 
  • printed drawstring project bag;
  • a printable guide, which includes a color-in thermometer and a monthly chart to track temperatures and colors used, as well as Shannon's Persistence pattern in 2 different widths (scarf and wrap)
  • and, folks who purchase the kit will have the opportunity to purchase individual skeins of the colors that represent their most-experienced temperatures.

2. You can order a DK full-skein set, which includes the 16-colorway rainbow and the variegated. It's 17 skeins of DK total!

3. You can put your own Temperature Project together with stash yarn and/or our yarn, by playing with color on our site, and you can order the 2023 Temperature Project printable guide here!

Temperature Project Ideas

There are so many ways to Temperature Project, and today, we're going to share some of our favorites!

Temperature Scarf/Shawl

This is what our kits are geared toward - using mini skeins in a rainbow of colors to create a shawl or a scarf. It's a more minimal way to experience all of the colors, while not committing to a full blanket project.

Temperature Blanket

Oh, there are so many ways to do this! You can simply make the shawl above wider, or you can do a simple garter stitch knit or double crochet or granny stripe crochet for each day. Some of our favorite Temperature Blankets are the motif-based ones, where you create one motif each day, representing the high, low, and sometimes average temperature in one motif.

Temperature Embroidery or Cross Stitch

There are oodles of possibilities to stitch your way through the year, too! You can use a certain color that corresponds to each day's temperatures, and either create a small motif, or a work on pattern that you've created or purchased. We've seen so many inspirational ones out there! And, Craft Emporium started carrying the best embroidery thread, so you can put together a fantastic rainbow (we love Wonderfil Eleganza soooo much!)!

And so many more!

There are so many other options, too! You could do a doodle a day, or weave a row a day, or make a quilt, or a sewn scarf! You could do a temperature painting, or a poem, or a punch needle project. Whatever your making love is, you can find a way to mark the year through its medium!

Tracking Temperature 

The name of the game in Temperature Projects really is options. There are as many ways to track temperatures as there are different project to create.

What temperature to track?

There are also oodles of options when it comes to which exact temperature ranges to track. Our default is the current year, but you can track the year you or a loved one is born (working from the date of birth through the day before their first birthday); you can track the first year of a marriage, the year a big life event happened, the year you lived abroad. You can track in your hometown, or your current home. You can track different temperatures for different places in one project (say, your birth year and your current year). 

How to track temperatures?

You can also track the average temperature for each day, or you can use both high and low. You can add a little bit of something extra for days that have different weather, like different stitches or the addition of a mohair or silk. You can use a contrasting colorway (or the variegated that comes with our bundles) to mark the space between each month, or to go around each days' motif. 

Again, there are so many different ways to engage in this project, and so many wonderful crafty avenues (crafternues?) to explore. The world, as they say, is your oyster. Or rainbow. At any rate, we hope that if you have become as enamored with the idea of a temperature project as we have, this newsletter has given you a bit of inspiration. 

Our Temperature Project Guide is custom-created to assist in the tracking of temperatures, regardless of which project you'll be embarking on. There is some information that specifically relates to our kit, but there is also lots of information that will be helpful for any Temperature Project. 

So, what do you think? Are you interested in creating a temperature project? There is something really special about spending so much time on a project that gives you a visual representation of a specific moment in time. It's a huge commitment (kind of like those 5-year journals – ever get sucked into one of those? ;)), but completing one feels like such an accomplishment. 

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