Sundays are for... community!

We are very excited to share our loosey goosey schedule for themed hang outs for Sundays at the Craft Emporium! As with anything at the Craft Emporium, participation is not at all requred; we love a theme, and are leaning way in to that love. You are welcome to come by any Sundays for any reason, and won't be engage in any peer pressure ;)

We've got 4 Sundays a month planned out, and we hope you can join us once in a while!

1st Sunday of the month: Crafting for Community

Join us for our quarterly Crafting for Community meet-ups! For Quarter 1, we are making quilts and blankets for Project Linus! We have some crafting supplies here for you to use, and a few fun patterns to share, but you are welcome to bring anything you might be working on.

2nd Sunday of the month: Book Club

This is a book club like you've never seen! We aren't all reading the same book; rather, we are sharing our love for reading with others. Download a Book Club Book Report form (coming soon), and you can share your book with the rest of us!

3rd Sunday of the month: Queer Meet-Up

Craft along with other queer and allies peeps around the big table at the studio!

4th Sunday of the month: Jamming on Your Planner

Spend a bit of time on the last Sunday of the month getting your planner organized for next month! Stickers and washi are welcome!

More info coming soon!

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