Speeding through a quilt top: the Jelly Roll Race quilt

Last month, I (Shannon) did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: I made a Jelly Roll Race quilt! I helped my quilty godmother Aunt Jill make one years ago, but had never tackled one myself…

It all started on a Crafternoon. The Crafternoon crew was standing around looking at all of our lovely precuts, and Sarah said, oooh, have you ever made a Jelly Roll Race quilt? She told me about a variation on the original, where you sew a 2.5" square between every long Jelly Roll strip, and, since we just so happen to have Mini Charm Packs, which are 2.5" square, the whole thing felt like a no-brainer. 

A mini charm pack and a jelly roll sit on a table together, all lovely potential


I grabbed a Hole Punch Dot Jelly Roll and a Sugar Mini Charm Pack, and within a relatively short amount of time, I had a finished quilt top that measures about 54” x 65”. 

Sewing jelly roll strips together on a white sewing machine.

The sewing of the strips together is delightful and mindless, in the best way…

A finished Jelly Roll Race quilt top - colorful and striped, is held up with just some feet poking through on the bottom

And just like that, we have a finished quilt top, a Jelly Roll Race quilt…

Want to make one of your own? Pair any Jelly Roll with a sweet little Mini Charm Pack (or cut 2.5” squares to put between all of your JR strips. The basics are:

*Cut 18” off of your first strip
*Sew a mini square to the first strip
*Keep sewing, alternating a full strip with a mini square, until you’ve sewn your way all the way through your Jelly Roll.
*Sew that strip to itself on the long edge (cutting the fold then you finally get to it - they first seam is a DOOOOOOOZY!)
*Sew THAT strip to itself on the long edge
* Do this 3 more times (I think its 5 times total, but I was definitely in a quilting haze, so I could be mistaken, heehee).
*And you’re done with the top!

I need to figure out my backing, but wow this was fast & fun! I definitely see myself making more of these; I’d love to try one of our super-fun prints with the same color square between each strip.

Want to make one of your very own? We have oodles of Jelly Rolls and Mini Charm Packs in the shop!

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