ShannaJean = Craft Emporium? Kind of!

We could not be happier with this new direction we are heading, Craft Emporium-wise, friends! On Instagram, we replaced the ShannaJean Club with the Craft Emporium, and had a few questions, which we thought we'd share here, too. craft emporium logo in black and white

What’s happening to the ShannaJean Club? Nothing! It's not going anywhere, and will continue to be a collab under the Craft Emporium umbrella. We’ll still be collaborating as ShannaJean, working with yarn shops on clubs and teaching classes together.

What else does this mean for Knitted Wit/ShannaJean? It means that we plan on hosting more community events, more open hours, more classes, more crafts.

What are your hours? For now, we are open every Wednesday from 4-8 for our Crafternoon into Weavenings, and hosting an Open Studio once a month or so on a weekend day. We also want to be open one day a week, from 11-6 or so, and will be sharing a survey in the next few days across all of our Instagrams (this one, @knittedwit, and @shannonsq) as to which week day y’all would prefer open hours on. Keep your eyes peeled!

What exactly IS the Craft Emporium? Well, it’s basically a craft shop that is filled with all of our favorite things (and, we hope your favorite things as well). Due to all of the everythings that have been going on these past few years, we decided a soft opening in the existing Knitted Wit space and on Etsy is the best way to debut it.

That’s it for now, but please do reach out with any questions! And thanks to everyone who has sent us love, come to Open Studio, started a quilt with us, and been a part of this fabulous community! Please do share us with your crafty friends - we’d love to widen this community, too.

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