Q2 Community Crafting: Cooling Scarves

First of all, thank you to everyone who make a blanket or a quilt for our Q1 Community Crafting project! We have a lovely pile of about 10 handmade lovelies to share with the Linus Project, and we're so proud of our community for coming through!

Today marks the first of the month AND quarter, which means it's time for our next Community Crafting project! For this quarter, we are making cooling scarves, which can be a real life saver when the weather gets hot, particularly for our unhoused neighbors. We use them at Knitted Wit, too, during the hottest months of the year, when we are dyeing yarn in our toasty studio. 

We have some kits put together, so if you are interested in making a scarf, you can request a free kit in the shop. We've also put a few on our website: the kit itself is free to anyone, but we do need to charge for shipping. You can send them back to us, OR (and this is honestly preferable), donate them to a community organization, food pantry, free fridge, or unhoused person in your own community. 

Here is a link to Mending Bloc's how-to on making them

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