Karen's Holiday Picks

We asked Karen to put a few little holiday giftie kits together, and she did not disappoint! If you'd like any of these in their entirety (or something like them), come on in or email us at hello@knittedwit.com, and we'll get your kit put together!

Here are our faves:

1. The Pom Pom Kit

pom pom kit. a pom pom maker and skein of cotton candy, a super bulky yarn

A skein of our yarn paired with a pom pom maker. We've paired our superbulky Cotton Candy in Ancestral Glow (to order this colorway, order Naked and write that you'd like Ancestral Glow in the notes) with a Jumbo Pom Pom maker from Clover. Both are in stock right now, and you can get this exact kit for $47!

2. A Sweet Sewing Kit.

a wee sewing kit, perfect for a gift for any crafter!

This kit has it all! A sweet wooden box, made by our bestie Maria from A Needle Runs Through It, a wee seam ripper, the cutest scissors you ever did see, some rubber thimbles, a cute tape measure, and a magnetic needle minder! You'll be prepared for pretty much anything and everything! You can get it all for $49.50!

3. Rainbow Crafter Kit of Amazingness

rainbow crafter kit of amazingness

This kit has all of the rainbow goodness, and is perfect for anyone who's favorite color is: ALL OF THEM! We've paired a Rainbow Loom kit with a sweet tin (fantastic to hold your needles and other small crafty items), rainbow washi tape, a rainbow stitch sticker, and a rainbow stitch enamel pin. You can get it all for $58!

4. The Knitter or Crocheter's kit.

knitter's gift kit

This kit has some special things for the knitter or crocheter in your life! We've paired a skein of our DK with a bag from A Needle Runs Through It (available in shop; it's not on the website yet, but we're going to try to add it later this week) and Pineapple Soak, Purl Strings, and a stitch gauge ruler. You can get it all for $102!

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