Join our weaving obsession, friends!

The Craft Emporium is all about crafting. Any and all kinds of crafting. Making something is life-giving, and being crafty is in our blood. One of our favorite crafts of late is weaving, and we have been delving into all types, from rigid heddle to pin loom to simple frame loom weaving. And, we're offering classes for all of them (lucky you)!


a rigid heddle loom from above, with 4 shuttles wound with different colors of yarn

In the spring of 2021, the weaving bug hit us pretty darned hard. Lorajean had been weaving on and off for years, but I hadn't done anything beyond getting a loom and putting it in my closet. But one day, Lorajean asked me if I still had my loom, and said to get it down and give it to her. She'd set it up and help me warp it. Friends, that was IT! We warped, I asked a bazillion questions, I started weaving, and I didn't stop for 8 months. I got OBSESSED.

lorajean gives two thumbs up as she warps her loom

We started teaching rigid heddle weaving that summer, and have brought so many folks into the weaving fold! We love our Schacht looms (we each have a 15" Cricket, which is what the class is taught on, plus a Flip; I have a 24" and Lorajean has a 30"). 

a rigid heddle from above, warped with a three-color cotton warp kitchen towel project

We try to have an Intro to Rigid Heddle class every other month or so, and we're starting to add some skill-building classes to our schedule, as well as non-rigid heddle weaving classes. Check out our class list here. Right now, there's a pin loom class and a bracelet loom class, both of which are half-day workshops (on the same day, so you can have a full day of weaving fun if you'd like!)

a wooden bracelet loom warped with hot pink yarn, with accessories next to it

What kind of weaving are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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