Jelly Roll project round up! (updated for 2023)

Just in time for Jelly Roll Day 2023, we're updating this post to include the latest faves too! We've added the latest quilt patterns/obsessions to the top of the list...

This post is aaaalll about one of our favorite precuts, the Jelly Roll. What is a Jelly Roll? Well, folks, a Jelly Roll is a precut package, featuring 40 or 42 (depending on manufacturer) strips of fabric from one line. Each strip is width of fabric (42-45") and 2.5" wide. 

We'll be adding to this as we discover more wonderful Jelly Roll projects, but we feel like this is a great start! Without further ado, some of our favorite Jelly Roll projects, with links:

Verticals. This is a free pattern from Moda, specifically created for 2023 Jelly Roll Day. It was a fast one to put together, and it's made in Halloween fabrics, some of which are GLOW IN THE DARK!
verticals quilt made in tiny frights fabric

Phoebe Quilt. This was such fun to make – the blocks are made on point, so rotated to be made into diamonds instead of squares. 

phoebe quilt in reading nook fabric line

Stack and Flip Jelly Roll Quilt. This one taught Shannon the important lesson about alternating directions when sewing Jelly Rolls together – biasing is a thing, people! Again, it's not a pattern so much as a free how-to video.

stefan holding a big yellow/salmon/black/white quilt in a yard


Luna Quilt. What a fun quilt this one was to make, and with the dark blue background, it feels very dramatic!

Luna quilt in snow in front of cabin

Adventureland Quilt. We are knee-deep in Adventureland obsession here at Craft Emporium; check out our blog post all about Shannon's Adventureland journey here

jelly roll quilt in earthy colors, held by shannon, but you can only see her feet and hands


Type It. This free project sheet from Moda is such a fun quilt, with a really fabulous effect. Pair any of our Jelly Rolls with a Jr. Jelly Roll (in either white or cream) and spend an afternoon sewing this top together. 

type it quilt top in pinks, oranges, blues, and blacks


Jelly Roll Twist. This free pattern pairs any Jelly Roll and any Charm Pack. We've seen ones made with the same line, or vastly different lines, and love them all!

jelly roll twist quilt top


Jelly Roll Race 2. There are so many iterations of this project, but we love the videos Missouri Star Quilt Company puts out. We've linked to the Jelly Roll Race 2 video, as that's the one Shannon made, but there are oodles of variations available. This isn't a pattern, per se, but a video showing how to make it, and it's free!

jelly roll race 2 quilt top


Hannah Quilt. Shannon has made oodles of these, and definitely sees more on the horizon. It's a fast quilt to put together, using a Jelly Roll and a bit of yardage.

hannah quilt


Ivy Quilt. Pair a Jelly Roll with yardage, and you are on your way to making this gorgeous quilt!

ivy quilt held up in yard


Jelly Rainbow. The quilt that started this current obsession! It's a fun and pretty fast project, fabulous in a rainbow, but we've seen some in non-rainbow-focused lines that are stunning. Pattern is free from Ruby Star Society.

jelly rainbow quilt



Jelly Roll Rug Guide. There simply wasn't enough time to make one of these before our Jelly Roll Day for 2022, but we'll for sure have one made up soon. What a gorgeous and different project, and this guide is free!

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