Harvest Fest Craft Show & Tell info

We hope you'll join us for our Harvest Fest, y'all! It's Saturday, October 19th, and we are still working on the details, but one thing we absolutely HAD to include is a Crafty Show & Tell. What is this Craft Show & Tell, you ask? Well, here is what we've come up with:

  • Make something (anything!) using at least 75% of supplies purchased at Craft Emporium and enter into our Craft Show & Tell!
  • All crafts welcome!
  • First place from each category gets a $25 gift card to the shop!
  • All entrants receive a discount code!

We'll have different categories of silliness that we'll judge items on, including:

  • Everything Came From the Clearance Section (of course, 100% of supplies need to come from our clearance section)
  • Most Rainbow
  • Smallest
  • Largest
  • Most Useful
  • Least Useful
  • Feel free to submit category ideas to us!

Anyone can take part, you don't have to be local, but if you aren't local, you need to ship your piece (at your expense) to us, and we'll ship back to you at our expense. 

We'll be creating a google form to fill in with your submissions soon, but please do reach out with any questions!

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