Friends May Perk!

Happy May, friends! Our May friend is one of our besties, Maria from A Needle Runs Through It, and she's going to share some tips and tricks for bag making with us!

Whenever we have a question about bag making (or really most any sewing OR machine query), Maria is our go-to. She knows pretty much everything about everything, sewing-wise, and she's so generous with her knowledge. Plus, she's the sweetest and most talented person! We'll share links to her video later, but in the meantime, here's how to get in touch with her:

What is your favorite thing to make? 

Bags, bags, bags!

What is your favorite thing about making? 

I love the process of putting the pattern pieces together and seeing it come to life

What is your go-to comfort/junk food?

I love popcorn!

Any book/podcast/comic/etc recommendations?

I'm a true crime fan and every week I watch Bailey Sarian on youtube

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