Friends June Perk!

Our June maker is Sunni Scrivner, old friend and owner of Yarn in Eureka, California! She shared her mosaic cowl, Fretwork, with us, and has created a video how-to just for you!

Snag her Fretwork Cowl pattern here, and check out her video here!


Connect with Sunni below:

Newsletter sign up: same place
Instagram: yarnfun2840
Any other social media site or contact info: Facebook is

What is your favorite thing to make? Sweaters!

What is your favorite thing about making? I love the process of planning, picking out colors and yarn and then getting to see the project slowly go from an idea to reality. 

What is your go-to comfort/junk food?

Whole wheat sourdough toast

Any book/podcast/comic/etc recommendations?

I'm currently listening to The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese and it's wonderful. 


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