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Hello, friends of Knitted Wit's Craft Emporium! We are so happy you've joined the fun, and we're super excited to share our first how-to of the year with you.

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Shannon has fallen in love with many crafts over the years, and this simple string art notebook craft is the latest craze! She's created a full video how-to for y'all, and you can snag the kits here, or download the heart template and print it here (note that because of the size of the template, there are 4 per page).

string art notebooks with hearts


What you'll need to make this project (although, as always, you are the boss of your project and can do anything your crafty heart desires):

  • The heart template (or any shape you'd like to make into string art). Note that you want your holes to be approximately 1/4" apart, and you need an even number of them.
  • A notebook or greeting card or cardstock or any old thing you'd like to string art on. We like an A5 (approximately 5.5"x8.3") notebook for this, and that's what we sell and demonstrate on, but you can use anything. You might need to resize your heart if you're using a different size). For a notebook, it should be a cardboard-like cover, not a hard cover.
  • An awl or push pin to make the holes.
  • Washi or masking tape
  • An embroidery needle, size 5 (a 3 or a 7 would work well too. You need something sharp that has a big enough hole to thread your floss into, that isn't too thick; you don't want it to stretch out the pilot holes).
  • 6-strand embroidery floss, approximately 2.5 yards for the project we've demonstrated.
  • A cutting mat or piece of thick cardboard to use as your work-table (so you don't poke holes or scratch your actual table).

Click here to download the heart template

Click here to access the how-to video.

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