Friends February Perk!

We are so happy you've joined the fun, and we're super excited to share our second freebie & how-to of the year with you!


Our February maker is the mulit-talented Noriko Ho! Noriko is an amazing creator - she's a knitting AND crochet designer, with gorgeous patterns in both crafts that are at once classic and fresh. 

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Instagram: @norichanknits
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This month, Noriko has shared her lovely Paulette Shawl pattern with us. It's a 2-color fingering-weight shawl that would work in so many different color/yarn combinations. Noriko used a solid and a variegated in her sample (oooh, lala!) but 2 solids would be equally lovely! 

Here is a link to the pattern file; feel free to download it for your personal use!

She's also created a video how-to of the way she does her garter tab shawl start, using Judy's Magic Cast On! Check out her video linked below:

Garter Tab using Judy's Magic CO — norichan knits!

And, a little more getting-to-know-you from our guest designer, Noriko Ho:

What is your favorite thing to make? 

These days, it's probably sweaters, but I'll always have a soft spot for shawls. I still remember the magic of my first shawl and how fun it was to make, but also how magical blocking it was. However, living in an area that has a long cool (though not cold) season has led me to be more interested in medium to lightweight sweaters. 

What is your favorite thing about making? 

Ooh, tough question. In a way, I'd almost wonder if it's that satisfaction of that final object and being able to say "I did that". That is a really good feeling. 

What is your go-to comfort/junk food?

Sweet: boba. If I need to judge the quality of the boba, my default order will be milk tea with boba, 50% sweet, light on the ice. Salty: tater tots. Meal: split between homemade spaghetti and tonkatsu. Oh, or a burrito. 

Any book/podcast/comic/etc recommendations? 

I've been reading a reasonable amount of manga these days. I am currently working my way through My Love Story With Yamada-kun at Lv999. However, some of my previous favorites include Princess Jellyfish, Wotakoi, and Natsume's Book of Friends. All of those also have been turned into animes, that I'd also recommend. 


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