Adventureland Quilts: the story so far...

When I (Shannon) first started this current quilt obsession, the first quilt I made was a Jelly Rainbow quilt that Lorajean and I had bought the Jelly Rolls for early pandemic. I started it right before I broke my foot, and I felt kinda meh about it. Fast forward to March of this year, and I picked it up again, busted it out, and felt the fire of a thousand crafty suns inspiring this new obsession.

Shannon holds her first finished quilt of modern times, a Jelly Roll Rainbow quilt, with a happily shocked look on her face


The second quilt I made was an Adventureland, right after it came out, and oooooh, that felt good and fabulous and so very exciting. I used a Ruby Star Jelly Roll (Heirloom) and worked on mine alongside Lorajean. I snagged some 108" wide backing (which we just so happen to have available in the shop) and it remains a go-to quilt for my family to snuggle under and lives in our living room quilt basket. 

Shannon holds up an Adventureland quilt in reds, blues, browns and naturals
Then, I dove into some old stash and made one in a set of 3.5" strips, doing some maths to figure out how big to make the triangles and feeling really good about myself...
Shannon peeks out from behind another Adventureland quilt, this one in a rainbow set of wider strips
And then, I used a knitting-themed Jelly Roll to make ANOTHER one! This is the Purl line from Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society, and, although we weren't able to get more Jelly Rolls for the shop, we do have some yardage and Layer Cakes in the shop (and I'm working on a Layer Cake quilt that will be amazeballs, so keep your eyes peeled for that!). For this quilt, I played around with squiggly line quilting and love the effect.
An Adventureland quilt sits draped on a couch in a living room. It's made using knitting-themed fabrics, featuring reds and blues and naturals.
Our Strawberry & Friends fabrics arrived, and you know I had to make yet ANOTHER Adventureland featuring those gorgeous pieces! You, too, can get a kit and make a twinnie quilt if you'd like. Just saying...
Adventureland quilt featuring strawberry & friends fabric. Reds, pinks, blues, yellows, and greens make up this fun quilt top
I am putting the finishing touches on my 5th Adventureland, and find myself wondering, is this my final one? Will I make more? It's such a great use of a Jelly Roll, and to make the top, all you need is the Jelly Roll and 1 yard of fabric for the triangles in each quadrant.. I have a pile of Jelly Rolls, waiting for their purpose, so we'll see, won't we? 
Here's a peek at my 5th, in a Tula Pink Jelly Roll Lorajean and I each got at a quilt shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when we did a wee road trip from Chicago to Cleveland after the trade show in June. I have about half of my binding sewn down (I love to do big-stitch binding, and I'll create a blog post soon talking about that fabulous way to finish a quilt), so the Adventureland space in my quilting heart will be open for a new project soon ;) 
A bright rainbow Adventureland quilt sits draped on a couch
As you can see, I am definitely a person who fixates on a pattern and makes it over and over and over again. Are you that kind of person? Or are you a one-and-done-er?

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